local minnesota beeswax from beekeepers
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Eric Low         278 Jackson Ave NE         Live Oak, Florida      386-249-5938   info@beeswaxfrombeekeepers.com


This beautiful natural beeswax comes directly from our beehives. It is very clean and perfect for candles and lotions. From single orders to permanent partnerships, we are happy to help fulfill your 1 pound, 10 pound, 100 pound, or 500 pound orders – and anything in between!

We keep hives in 40 various locations in Brule, Buffalo, Faulk, and Lyman counties in South Dakota. They forage on clover, alfalfa, wildflower, goldenrod, and sunflowers producing the best local beeswax and natural honey.

Not to leave out our Florida and Georgia customers, we move our bees to the wooded areas hugging the Florida/Georgia line near Jasper, FL during the winter months. Here, the bees work the Gallberry and various other wild flowers associated with the area's woodlands.

We are in the process of extracting fresh honey all season long, so if you are ever looking to buy honey in addition to wax you can buy it online from our website www.basichoney.com or stop by to pick some up in Pukwana, SD or Live Oak, FL (depending on the season). Our Basic Honey website is also dedicated to selling our 100% pure beeswax candles.

If you have any questions regarding the process behind our natural beeswax or beekeeping practices, feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email (our contact info is at the top of the page).