Bulk Beeswax

Bulk beeswax is for the individual or business that orders MORE THAN 50 pounds.

Step 1:   info@beeswaxfrombeekeepers.com   or Phone              (386-249-5938) amount of beeswax you are                   needing; please include name AND zip code             along with phone number.

Step 2:We will weigh out the beeswax close to your              desired amount and reply back with exact price              quote for the beeswax & shipping charges.

Step 3:  You send payment and we will ship the               beeswax when payment arrives. Generally via              USPS or Fed Ex.


PHONE  386-249-5938


Eric Low

278 Jackson Ave NE

Live Oak, FL 32064

The beeswax blocks are molded so each one weighs between 17 and 20 pounds.

We are happy to sell beeswax in 50 pound or larger quantities in large 17 to 20 pound blocks.  Because shipping costs can vary from location and quantity email/phone for a shipping quote. Your order may be placed by info@beeswaxfrombeekeepers.com  or calling Eric directly at 386-249-5938

Larger 500 + pounds are available upon request. Please call for more details 386-249-5938

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Eric Low         278 Jackson Ave NE         Live Oak, Florida      386-249-5938   info@beeswaxfrombeekeepers.com