We’ve had many individuals ask about specific uses for beeswax. We’ll be the first to admit that we are no way experts on all the various uses of beeswax. There is a marvelous book Super Formulas Arts & Crafts… How to make more than 360 useful products that contain honey and beeswax by Elaine c. White. The book is no longer published. We searched for permission on adding some of her recipes to our website.


1 Tablespoon   =  ½ ounce
2 Tablespoons  =  1 ounce
¼ c  (4 Tblsp)  =  2 ounces
½ cup  (8 Tblsp)   =  4 ounces (¼ pound)
1 cup (16 Tblsp)  =  8 ounces (½ pound)
2 cups (32 Tblsp)  = 16 ounces (1 pound)

Leather Softener

Dipped Candles
Candle-making suppliers sell frames to make dipped candles, but a few dipped candles can be made without special equipment.


STEP 1: Choose a container for the wax that is tall and thin so that the entire length of the candle can be dipped. Use 24-ply flat-braid wicks for candles up to one-inch in diameter.

STEP 2: Make a double boiler by placing the can in a pot and by placing wooden strips beneath the can to raise it an inch or so from the bottom.

STEP 3: Add wax to the can and add water to the pot. Heat the wax until its temperature is between 155 & 165 degrees F. Place the wick in the wax and allow it to soak for about 5 minutes.

STEP 4: Remove the wick, straighten it and TIE a weight to the end. Dip the wick into the wax and immediately remove it in a smooth motion. The wick should be dipped to the top of the candle each time and allowed a minute (or more) to cool between dips. Continue the dipping process until the candle is a little larger than a pencil. Clip the wick at the base to remove the weight and to flatten the base of the candle. Continue dipping until the candle is the desired diameter. A 3/4” diameter candle will require about 25 dips.

STEP 5: Cut the base of the candle flat and dip it one or two more times to finish it. A small drip of wax should remain on the base. This is attractive and a trademark of hand-dipped candles.

Note from Deb: Be careful that your pot for water is not a lot larger than the beeswax holding can, you don’t want the wax can to be floating around.

Dipped Candles

Lip Gloss

Wax Treatment