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Who We Are

Since 1929, our family has lived and worked beside bees. Eric, the co-founder of Beeswax from Beekeepers, is the great-grandson of C.S. Skipper, who began beekeeping professionally after an industrial accident forced him to take up a new career in 1929. For four generations, our family has lived and worked alongside the bees, during which time we accumulated a wealth of knowledge relating to how best to keep bees. We see beekeeping not as a job but as a way of life, and we are beyond proud of what we do.

Premium Quality
When it comes to beeswax and honey, quality is achieved by maintaining the integrity of the product in a fresh, unadulterated form. Our honey is completely raw – spun from the comb each season and bottled directly without ultrafiltration or high-temperature processing. Similarly, our beeswax is free of all harmful chemicals and additives. It is gently heated and filtered using natural techniques before being hand-poured into custom molds.

Monofloral Honey Production
Just as we have favorite foods bees too prefer the nectar from some flowers over others. When these specific flowers are in bloom, our bees forage exclusively from them, which results in what is known as single-source or “monofloral” honey production. Each of the three varietals we produce – Gallberry, Clover, and Orange Blossom – has its own unique flavor profile that reflects the essence of the flower that sourced it.

Just as Nature Intended
In a world where few things have not been replicated by mankind, we hold on dearly to a product only nature can produce. When you purchase our beeswax or honey, you have guaranteed yourself and your loved one’s products that truly are from the comb to your home. Please, allow us to share one of nature’s finest creations with you.


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